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"People with hobbies entertain their ideas some of the time. People with vision pursue their ideas all of the time. Part-time visionaries do not exist."

From his early days growing up in Jersey City, NJ's once notorious Curries Woods Housing Projects to a broken home, poverty, academic failures, homelessness, and so much more, Daryl "Pop" Anderson has always been driven by a stubborn sense of purpose that does not settle for mediocre. When so many around him gave up on their potential, Pop's tenacity to fight was a driving force that lead him to fulfilling his God prescribed purpose in life.

Instead of letting his struggles and traumas become excuses for failure, Pop used them as building blocks in his resolve to thrive in life and share the formulas for success with others.

When sharing life changing principles with people who are searching for answers, Pop is fufilling the thing that he was born to do. As a seasoned life coach, speaker, pastor, and educator, his arsonal of information and skilled teaching style are sought after and used to build people in private, corporate, academic, and spiritual sectors.

Throughout the years, as a visionary leader, entrepreneur, artist, book designer and publisher, Pop has contributed to publishing tens of thousands of books that have been distributed and read around the world. Among his many clients includes Dr. Eric Thomas (The Secret to Success, Greatness is Upon You, Average Skill Phenominal Will), Jeremy Anderson (From Prodigal to Prodigy, Power Apps, Self Destruction, Strength and Conditioning), and Dr. Myron Edmonds (40 Days to Life Changing Family Worship).

Among his many passions is building family legacies for future generations. With a central focus on helping males become men and securing futures for our children, Pop designs structured programs, such as the Our I Am Movement, and The Posterity Plan adding substance to the services that he offers. In the core of his heart is the need to be instrumental in assuring that the future generations of familys living on the margins of society become stronger with every child. He strongly believes that every human being was born with a God-design. A unique combination of character qualities, talents, and gifts invested in the composition of humanity to serve something bigger than self. When making the busines of people your business, the sky is the limit for what can be accomplished to turn lives around by putting people on a winning path.   

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With all of his accomplishments, Anderson's most treasured achievement is being a husband to his wife Tawanna, a father to their adult sons and daughters, Jeremy, Traci (daughter in-law), Ashley, Daryl (Prince), and David (Taavet), and grandfather to Nickolas, AJ, Jewel, and Jaxon. When speaking of his priorities, Pop says, "Before teaching any life-changing principles to the world, my greatest responsibility is to model and teach them to my family."


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"There are times in our lives when heavy tests are placed on our shoulders to make us strong enough to carry hefty blessings. When God exchanges heavy for hefty, He knows that the one entrusted with the reward will not buckle under the weight of prosperity as they did not buckle under the weight of adversity. These are the moments of actualization when hope receives help as trial, and tribulation gives way to tangible abundant blessings." 


"Visionaries slay the monsters that sleepers run from in their dreams. Face your Fear!"


Thirty years of history pouring into people


AUTHORS PUBLISHED BY POP and the anderson family

In his first family business venture, Spirit Communications and Publishing, Pop lead his family in publishing inspirational and motivational books for independent authors with international distribution.

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