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“Where there is no vision, the people perish” (Proverbs 29:18a). When I received the vision for The Posterity Plan, I knew it was more than just a good idea. As far back as I can remember, I’ve always had an unquenchable desire to use my God-given gifts for something bigger than myself. While my imagination roamed to places where ideas grew into aspirations and dreams into visions, I developed the habit of storing them with hopes that the opportunity would one day present itself to bring them to fruition. During these incubation years, while my ideas were on the shelf, I honed my skills until the time was right. Understanding that the doors of opportunity could close as quickly as they open, preparation was an important key to my success.


No matter how hard the struggle; I always believed that the day would come when the seeds of innovation planted in my mind would present themselves to the world in due season. I call it, “the moment of actualization; when hope receives help as trial and tribulation gives way to tangible abundant blessings.” As a result of unwavering faith in God, dogged determination, and a relentless work ethic, I am blessed to say, that the dream that once took residence only in my mind has come to fruition. Its relevance is being quantified through manifestations of success at every turn. One of the greatest blessings that have come out of all of this is having the ability to pay it forward by sowing seeds of success into the lives of youth.   




The Posterity Plan is a scholastic think tank dedicated to developing educational opportunities for children and youth while nurturing their love for learning. By building partnerships with education, civic, state, cooperate, church and humanitarian organizations, platforms are developed to showcase the talents and achievements of young people enrolled in The Posterity Plan. Fund-raising initiatives are also created to support scholarship awards programs. Among our most prized initiatives is “Save Our Seed (SOS),” a proactive talent search, which scouts out talented at risk youth living in impoverished communities, and adverse situations.    



Create forums that display the talents and achievements of children enrolled in The Posterity Plan. Implement fund-raising strategies for the financial stability of The Posterity Plan’s daily operations, scholarship awards, and development of resource materials. Prepare students for advancement into institutes of higher learning. Help parents discover the prodigy in their child while giving all participating children the tools for success.


According to Webster Dictionary, the word inherent is defined by the following; “in the nature of something though not readily apparent.” The Posterity Plan believes that most children are born with inherent capabilities essential to their capacity to discover through learning the gifts and talents that make them special. Their unique qualities are not always readily apparent, but when given the chance to blossom will appear over time.


Arts, Letters, & Sciences Appreciated Through History and Culture

Since the Sumerians of ancient Mesopotamia developed cuneiform the first written language, or the Egyptians recorded their history through magnificent sculptures and hieroglyphics, images have been the tools of communication that helped shape the foundation of civilized humanity. From the penning of the Constitution of the United States of America to the rapid advancements in medicine and technology, the sciences continue to evolve in genres that cultivate the world. Understanding the significance of history’s role in these vital areas, The Posterity Plan is dedicated to the preservation of 

contributions made throughout time toward the development of our country and the modern world.

Form Partnerships with Advocates of Literary and Arts Education

Inform policy makers, educational institutions, funding organizations, and elected officials of how Arts, Letters, and Sciences strengthen the economy, enhance cultural awareness, and provide education opportunities for young people with dreams of succeeding in the various professions applicable to these fields of study. Develop successful collaborations for the advancement of visual and literary arts, artists, and writers.


Academic Development in the Sciences

Develop and support academic training programs that enhance the quality of education for students and educators in mathematics, medicine, and technology.



In communities throughout our cities, there are resources that may be acquired when joining forces with organizations and people with similar interests. With this in mind, The Posterity Plan, builds Synergetic Support Teams with community leaders, and professionals who agree with our philosophy; “Legacies Begin With Learning.” Through the synergy of strong thinkers we brainstorm ideas and solutions that work in bettering the futures of our youth. “Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.” (Proverbs 15:22 NIV). 

Select innovative teachers are invited to join the exclusive Teacher’s Think Tank referred to as Triple T. This hand chosen group of academicians act as advisers to The Posterity Plan in the development of academic product lines that have potential for success on the open market in wholesale and retail outlets. Portions of the proceeds from the sales of these products will be invested in The Posterity Plan funded schools.




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